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Established in 1957 in Bilbao our company starts under his founder member’s name CLAUDIO offering its services as painting and decorating contractor developing its main activity for a long time in domestic and commercial painting and increasing its working area along the years, always committed with a quality service.

In 1977 our compromise with professional painting contractors activity led us to participating in the foundation of the Asociación de Maestros Pintores de Bizkaia (Painting and Decorating Contractors of Bizkaia), of which we are still active members.

Our desire of improvement has got us involved more and more in other aspects related to building industry so that in the present time we have our own Integral Project Management for offering integral solutions to your necessities.

Our long career was awarded in 2006 in the First Edition of ASCOVI-BIEBA Awards given by the Asociación de Constructores y Promotores de Bizkaia (Building and Construction Trade of Bizkaia), in the category of non associated companies who are related to the construction sector and that have proved their efficiency and professionalism.

CLAUDIO, SL has received the SEMAPI CERTIFICATE given by AMPV to those reliable professionals who insist on quality in their business.

CLAUDIO old industrial and artistic paint shop

Pintura decorativa, proyectos, obras y reformas, papel pintado y otros revestimientos murales, muebles pintados a mano, en Bilbao

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