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Indoors - Outdoors Painting

Façades, houses, commercial buildings… painted by professionals who make the difference. High quality finishes and the best materials fully respectful with environmental procedures and safety current legislation.

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Projects, design and integral solutions

We offer integral solutions to your ideas or necessities, including the appropriate licenses processing. We will analyze your needs and make a detailed proposal with our compromise of efficiency.

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A wide range of wallpapers and other wallcoverings showing the trendiest designs, classical or vintage styles, wallpapers for kids, murals, stickers… and a unique option of personalizing your walls with your own ideas.

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Handpainted furniture

We pay special attention to hand painted furniture decorated with different techniques. Our clients can bring us their old fashioned furniture or even bare new pieces that we will transform into beautiful ones with a unique finish.

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Pintura decorativa, proyectos, obras y reformas, papel pintado y otros revestimientos murales, muebles pintados a mano, en Bilbao

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